GOP-led Senate fires Inslee’s Transportation Secretary

Republicans in the State Senate have taken a courageous step today on behalf of the people of our state, firing Jay Inslee’s Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson. Acting under their authority under the state Constitution, the Senate rejected her confirmation by a vote of 25 opposed to 21 in favor.

The entrenched Democratic leadership in Olympia bears full responsibility for our state’s transportation mess – the outrageous I-405 tolls, the 520 bridge construction cost overruns, delays and millions wasted on Bertha, the Good To Go billing fiasco, severe traffic gridlock and congestion throughout the state, and the resulting negative effects on our quality of life, mobility and pollution.

Peterson presided over a “customer-hostile” environment, Senator Andy Hill noted. And as Senator Steve O’Ban stated, under Peterson WSDOT exhibited an “unfortunate pattern of mismanagement.”

With 32 years of Democrat control, state government is dominated by a bureaucracy that is unaccountable, negligent, satisfied with business as usual, and dismissive of the concerns of the citizens. The people of our state deserve much more – especially in such a crucial area of government responsibility as transportation.

By firing Peterson, the Republican-led Senate has taken an unusual action – but one that is justified and absolutely necessary. Our Republican state senators have demonstrated that they are problem solvers, willing to defy the bureaucracy and stand up courageously for the people of Washington.

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