Your voices are being heard! Next, call your local TV station....

Your voices are being heard!  Thanks to your emails and phone calls to the offices of the Washington State Democrats and the Secretary of State, the pressure is building.  Voters across the state are demanding that the Democrats stop blocking the democratic process.

Now, the next step is for you to call your local TV station (see phone numbers below) and urge them to cover this story.  The voters want a March Primary, but the Democrats are still standing in the way.

The Washington State Republican Party has been pushing for an early Presidential Primary in order to give the voters of our state an influential role in the presidential nomination process.  In the past 20 years, the Presidential Primary has always been moved to February or March - so why not this year?!

We have until October 1 to move the Primary to March 8 (from the current date of May 24).  Secretary of State Kim Wyman - a strong supporter of an early Primary - can reconvene the special committee.  The vote of just one Democrat is needed to join with the other committee members in allowing an early Primary.

Call your major TV station and urge them to ask the Democrats why our voters shouldn’t have influence on the Presidential race of either party!

Seattle/Tacoma area:
KING (206) 448-5555
KIRO (206) 728-7777
KOMO (206) 404-4145
KCPQ (206) 674-1305

Spokane area:
KXLY (509) 324-4000
KREM (509) 448-2000
KHQ (509) 448-4656
KAYU (509) 448-2828

Tri-City area:
KVEW (509) 735-8369
KEPR (509) 547-0547
KFFX (509) 735-1700
KNDU (509) 737-6725

Yakima area:
KAPP (509) 453-0351
KIMA (509) 575-0029
KNDO (509) 225-2323

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