Dude, that was like 13 years ago.

September 11, 2014 - Statement by Washington State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison

Dude, that was like 13 years ago.
Pardon my paraphrase of the crass dismissal of Benghazi spoken by an Obama official, but I use it to underscore the incompetent, dangerous, and disrespectful tone of the administration’s foreign policy - a mistaken foreign policy which haunts and angers us on this thirteenth anniversary of 9/11.  The sacrifice and loss suffered that day can never be fully articulated - but Americans understand and feel it.  Especially our honorable military men and women and their loved ones who have borne the devastating burden of the war being waged by Islamic radicals against us. Life-long injuries, multiple long deployments, broken families, and most of all, the loss of those who have paid the ultimate price.
“What difference, at this point, does it make?,” Hillary Clinton callously said when being questioned about Benghazi deaths that occurred 9/11 of election year 2012.  This is the mindset of the person the Democrats may very well choose to lead our country in 2016 - the person who defined the president’s foreign policy for four years!  What difference does it make, Madame Secretary?  As the wife of a Marine Corps husband who served in Iraq and led men who gave their lives in the service of our country, I am despairing of Obama's policies - policies that have wasted the gains of that long, hard fought effort, and even now are risking more American lives.
What difference does it make?  President Lincoln understood that those who died should not die in vain. For the sake of all those who have laid so costly a sacrifice on the altar of freedom, at Ground Zero, the Pentagon, the field in Pennsylvania, the mountains of Afghanistan, the cities of Iraq, and in Benghazi, we as Republicans must provide strong, articulate, and experienced leadership to prevent a future defined by Islamic radicals and to defeat the wars they wage against American values and way of life.  On this 9/11 let’s dedicate ourselves to ensuring that our future is defined by the courage of leaders who will do what is necessary to defend America and to protect our freedom.

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