Message from the Chairman of the Okanogan County GOP

The following message was sent to the Washington State Republican Party by Professor Kit Arbuckle, Chairman of the Okanogan County GOP, on Tuesday August 25, 2015:

Thank you for your kind words of support on the WSRP website.

Okanogan, Chelan, and Ferry Counties are all struggling with burned homes, uncertain futures, and a thick pall of smoke.  We appreciate the dedicated efforts of the fire fighters, who have saved many homes and limited the expansion of the flames. We also appreciate the much improved fire response and coordination this year, thanks largely to Representative Joel Kretz's efforts.

Thru the past two difficult years, one lesson has really been driven home to those of us who live in the Okanogan: the minimized logging and grazing in the national and state forests has created a grave danger to our residents, our livestock, and our wildlife, as well as seriously impacting our local economies and our ability to recover from crises.  Because those of us who live here love our environment, we see clearly the need to manage our forests in a wiser way.

Thank you for being with us in spirit during these tough times!

Professor Kit Arbuckle, Chairman of the Okanogan County GOP

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