Seattle Mayor Needs an Education

BELLEVUE, WA, February 22 – The Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, Susan Hutchison, released the following statement:

"This week I attended a meeting of college administrators and funders at which Seattle Mayor Ed Murray made this preposterous statement: 'Most of the Republicans in the State Senate do not have college degrees…' which is why, he claimed, the state’s investment in higher education has declined over the past decades.

"Mr. Mayor, go to the blackboard and write 'I will not tell a lie' 100 times!

"FACT: The Democrats, not the Republicans have been in control of Washington State’s education funding for the past 30 years.  For most of that era (during which Ed Murray also served 18 years as a legislator), the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate in total support of their Democratic governors.  The skyrocketing cost of college tuition, the lax efforts to prepare our K-12 kids for college and jobs, and the rising power of the state’s education unions (to the detriment of student-learning), all fall squarely on the shoulders of the Democrats!

"FACT: The Majority Coalition Caucus, which gave control of the Senate to Republicans in 2013, froze college tuition last year for the first time in 30 years, and put $1 billion into education - without raising taxes.  This year, Senate Republicans are working on another unprecedented investment in K-12 and are reversing the Democrats’ years of defunding higher ed.

"But what about the Mayor’s assertion that 'MOST' of the Republicans in the Senate don’t have college degrees?  The mayor gets an 'F' in arithmetic.

"FACT: 19 of the 26 members of the caucus have college degrees, and 13 have advanced degrees.  Republicans have degrees in math, physics, ocean engineering, environmental policy, public administration, economics, electrical engineering, pharmacy, business and law.  Prestigious schools such as Harvard, the Wharton School at Penn, the Air Force and Naval Academies, and (of course) Washington’s top universities, are alma maters of our GOP State Senators.  Those without college degrees have AA degrees and professional certifications.  And certainly there is room in our representative government for some elected officals who didn’t finish college but are fighting for that opportunity for others.

"Don’t  be a dunce, Mr. Mayor.  When it comes to education, the GOP stands with students, parents and the taxpayers who foot the bills!"

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