Male Democrats - from Inslee to Habib - Push Women to the Curb

(UPDATE - April 21 at 2:00 pm:  He went ahead and did it! Democrat State Representative Cyrus Habib has joined a long list of male Democrats who have pushed their female counterparts to the curb.)
The following press release was issued by the Washington State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison on the morning of April 21, 2014:
The Democratic Party likes to make false accusations about a “war on women,” but THEIR policies and internal politics show true hypocrisy.
The Democrats’ policies harm women: Obamacare has kicked women off their health insurance and increased their premiums; the Democrats’ economic policies increase unemployment, hurting women and families; their blind devotion to special interests has blocked education reform, hurting our children; and their excessive regulation hinders women who want to start and run successful small businesses.
And now, when it comes to Democratic Party internal politics, the record shows that male Democrats repeatedly push women to the curb.
In 1998, Jay Inslee pushed Democrat Laura Ruderman out of a congressional race.  And in 2007, Ed Murray shocked many in Olympia when he announced his intention to challenge veteran woman Senator Pat Thibodeau, another Democrat, in the primary, forcing her to drop her re-election effort.
In 2010, Nick Harper received help from a sleazy Moxie Media effort which had as its goal pushing Democrat incumbent Senator Jean Berkey out in the primary.  The successful anti-woman effort was so disgraceful that another Senator moved that Nick Harper not be seated because of the "illegal" actions which had put him in office.
Fast forward to 2014, and the male Democrats are still at it.
First, Shoreline Deputy Mayor Chris Eggen has decided he will campaign to push aside Democrat Senator Maralyn Chase.  “State Sen. Maralyn Chase Targeted by Fellow Democrat” was the headline in the Seattle Times.
Second, Representative Reuven Carlyle decided he should shove aside Democrat Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles in the primary.  Sensing this pattern among male Democrats, however, Senator Kohl-Welles rallied women Democrats to get Carlyle to back off.  The liberal, pro-Democrat blog Publicola had an extensive report on Carlyle’s effort to push aside the incumbent woman – see
Third, Democrat Kirkland Mayor Joan McBride has been running for the State Senate in the 48th legislative district for months.  However, Representative Cyrus Habib has now pounced on a perceived opportunity, seeking to throw yet another woman Democrat under the bus.  Habib, taking the easy way out, avoided running against Rodney Tom, but now that Tom has announced he will not seek reelection Habib wants McBride to step aside so that a more high-profile candidate (such as himself) can seek the seat.  He promised he would have "a number of conversations" with party leaders.  The goal seems clear: push the woman Democrat to the curb and tell her to support a male Democrat who wants to advance his personal political career.  The unnamed “party leaders” with whom he consulted obviously agree with this strategy.
As Publicola reported on April 17, "Habib's apparent machinations are reportedly annoying other Democrats, who don't like the idea of undermining McBride's run....  Habib runs the risk of angering female voters and female party members ... who may see a boys-club aspect to Habib's potential move."  And comparing Carlyle's effort to push aside Kohl-Welles to Habib's effort to push aside McBride, Publicola indicated both efforts had a "sexist taint."
I'm all for supporting more experienced candidates with better governing philosophies (thank you for running, Mark Miloscia!).  But what is it with male Democrats who are continually pushing aside female Democrats – especially women who are ahead of them?
I am proud to say that the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus has a record number of Republican women members.  We also have a wonderful Secretary of State in Kim Wyman, and two high profile Republican women members of Congress - Jamie Herrera Beutler and Cathy McMorris Rodgers.  In the legislature both of our caucuses are chaired by women.   And we have exciting women candidates in 2014 – including State House candidates Monique Trudnowski, Michelle Caldier, Lynda Wilson, and Melanie Stambaugh; Senators Jan Angel and Sharon Brown running for re-election; and State Representative Judy Warnick running for the State Senate.
Women are harmed by the Democrats’ policies, and women are harmed by the dirty internal politics of the Democrats’ male dominated machine.  So which party is conducting the War on Women?
If you want to be treated fairly and recognized for your accomplishments, come join our party – the new GOP – the Growth and Opportunity Party!

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