Obama Fiddles While Washington Burns

July 22, 2014 - WSRP Chairman Susan Hutchison issued the following statement today:

Obama Fiddles While Washington Burns

Republicans and Democrats are growing weary of the President’s misplaced priorities that draw him once again to the Washington State ATM for a Rich Donor Withdrawal – shutting down rush hour travel for our working citizens already severely burdened by major road closures.   

But the real story is how Barack Obama prefers rubbing shoulders with his elite donors to standing shoulder to shoulder with hard-working Americans in real need.  Instead of fundraising, the president should fly to Eastern Washington and walk on the scorched ground of Okanagan and Chelan counties where devastating fires have destroyed millions of acres, causing tragic loss of life, homes, livestock, and wildlife.  The president should show  support for the needs of real people and stop this fundraising fiddling while our state burns.

Whether it is the humanitarian crisis on the Texas border, or the out of control wildfires in our state, the fly-over president has made political money his top priority.  If only he were using his leadership position to provide financial relief for those devastated by this natural disaster.  We implore him to provide more firefighting equipment and personnel, more FEMA assistance, a disaster declaration for the counties involved, and a call for the Democrat’s big money donors in Western Washington to show charity to those in need on the other side of the mountains.

Republicans in Eastern Washington recommend the following opportunities to provide much needed funds to those who have lost so much:

The Okanogan County Community Action Council has set up a Fire Victim Assistance donation fund.  Tax Deductible donations can be sent to OCCAC, PO Box 1067, Okanogan, WA 98840, or may be made via credit card using the DONATE button at their website: www.occac.com. 100% of these funds will provide fire victim assistance. For more information email laeld@occac.com or call toll free (877) 641-0101.

The Brewster Chamber of Commerce has set up an account at North Cascades Bank entitled “Brewster and Pateros Relief Fund.”  Donations can be made at any branch of North Cascades Bank. For information about this fund and how to make a donation, please contact the Chamber at (509) 689-3464.

The City of Pateros has set up an account at North Cascades Bank for donations specific to the Brewster/Pateros/Methow volunteer Fire Departments.  For information about this fund and how to make a donation, please contact the Pateros Fire Department at (509) 923-2571.

The Community Foundation of NCW has set up a NCW FIRE RELIEF FUND and donations can be made on their website at www.cfncw.org.

The Red Cross, as always, were early on the scene. Checks to them should be annotated for “Carlton Complex Relief.”

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