Call Inslee to Oppose His Tax Increase Plan

April 20 - Message from WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison - please share with your friends and urge them to call Governor Inslee too.

"I live in Seattle, so I know Seattle-style politics - it means high taxes.  And Seattle controls Governor Inslee.

"So in Olympia right now, Jay Inslee is holding the state hostage.  He wants you to pay more taxes – and he has a sneaky plan to impose a state income tax.

"Republicans in the State Senate have already passed a new budget that fully funds education without raising taxes!  But Inslee wants to raise taxes to pay off his political friends (as usual!).  Inslee has actually told us to 'buck up' and pay up.
"Join the thousands who have called the Governor to oppose his tax increase plan.  To call the Governor’s office and tell him you don’t want more taxes, call (360) 902-4111.

"It’s time to tell Inslee to 'buck up' for the taxpayers - not the Seattle tax-and-spend liberals."

Women in Leadership

Watch this video from the State Senate, “Women in Leadership,” in honor of Women’s History Month. Note the strong leadership role of Republican women in our state.

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