Democrats are jumping Frank Chopp’s ship

Under the control of State House Speaker Frank Chopp, the Democrat House caucus has veered to the extreme left, and is increasingly out of touch with the voters of Washington State.  As a result, Chopp’s caucus is a sinking ship, down to a narrow 51-47 majority, with a strong possibility of losing another seat in November’s special election in the 30th Legislative District.

Two key members of the Democrat caucus are jumping Chopp’s ship.  State Representative Ross Hunter (48th LD), who has been the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, is resigning his seat to take a job in the Inslee administration.  And State Representative Reuven Carlyle (36th LD), the chairman of the House Finance Committee, will be leaving the State House next year to run for another office.

Liberal pro-Democrat columnist Joel Connelly writes, “Hunter will be a loss to state House Democrats….  He and Rep. Reuven Carlyle … have supplied a substantial portion of Democratic Caucus candlepower."  Frank Chopp is losing two of his key allies, and closer and closer to losing his control of the House.  Who will be next to jump ship?

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