Inslee: "we can enjoy the same success as California"

Jay Inslee has held up California as a model economy, mentioning is nearly 90 times in his book. Back in June, Van Jones headlined a fundraiser for Jay Inslee. In Jones’ speech to the attendees, he compared Jay Inslee to Governor Jerry Brown of California.  

A sampling of Jay’s Statements on California from his book:

“Nationally, we can enjoy the same success as California by tapping our national reserves of wasted energy and adopting a suite of the following policies Apply the California energy efficiency model nationally.” – p. 267

“The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), thanks to the leadership of then state treasurer Phil Angelides and CalPERS board chair and labor leader Sean Harrigan, became a pioneer in the use of pension funds to build a clean-energy economy. CalPERS created the Green Wave program, which has invested over a billion dollars in clean technology, retrofitting real estate portfolio holdings and establishing a screen for investments that directs funds toward businesses that are responsibly managing carbon emissions.'” – p. 263


This week, a report by the State Budget Solutions Project shows that California’s debt is the highest in the country at more than $617 billion. According to Bloomberg, the California Public Employees’ Retirement System has only 72% of the funds needed to cover obligations as of last year - “Democratic Governor Jerry Brown is asking voters in November to raise income and sales taxes to close the state’s deficit.” This is the economy Jay Inslee wants to emulate?

From The Daily Caller:
Report: California state debt twice that of New York’s, more than Greece
12:05 PM 09/04/2012

A report by the State Budget Solutions Project of the Sunshine Review, a state and local government watchdog group, shows that total state debt in California is more than $617 billion — more than any other state in the union.

California’s state debt is more than twice that of New York’s — at about $300 billion — and has increased from SBP’s 2011 debt report. California had $612 billion in debt last year.

The state of California also has more debt than the financially troubled nation Greece, which has more than $423 billion in public debt, according to the Economist.

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