WSRP Wraps Up Successful Convention

Bellevue, WA – This past Saturday marked the end of the 2012 Washington State Republican Party Convention.  The two-day convention - which was preceded by two days of workshops, training, and informational sessions - cumulated with the election of 40 delegates and 40 alternates to the National Convention. In addition to the 40 elected, WSRP Chairman Kirby Wilbur, National Committeeman Jeff Kent, and National Committeewoman Fredi Simpson will serve as automatic delegates.

“I am incredibly pleased with this year’s convention,” said WSRP Chairman Kirby Wilbur. “We held two days of very well attended workshops for our attendees that ran the gamut from technology training to campaign 101. We did information sessions on policy issues at both the federal and local level. We had incredible guest speakers including our keynote speaker Michelle Malkin and special guest Josh Romney.  We provided our attendees with the tools they will need to take back Washington and the support of a party that will back them every step of the way.”

Approximately 2300 people were in attendance this year, including 1555 registered delegates; on Saturday a four page platform was passed by these elected delegates. This stands in stark contrast to the 867 delegates in attendance at the Democrat’s convention and the 42 page platform passed by them.

“I am very proud of the work we got done,” continued WSRP Chairman Kirby Wilbur. “We had good, spirited debate, our attendees were incredibly enthusiastic and passionate, and most everyone showed respect for their fellow Republicans. We may all have our differences, but in the end we united together in the name of victory. I am proud of the work we accomplished and the manner in which we accomplished it, and I am proud to serve as Chairman to the great people of Washington’s Republican Party.

“This convention left me feeling even more convinced that this is our year. This is the year that the party of limited government, freedom, and personal responsibility is going to take back both Washington State and Washington D.C. and get our state and our country back on the path to prosperity.”